Monster Hunter World ≠ Dauntless

A quick glance at Dauntless’ potential player base would make one thing abundantly clear: Dauntless served as a substitute solution to a long existing problem. In 2004 when Capcom released Monster Hunter they created a genre, and over the last decade, the franchise has received numerous iterations – across various platforms – with none of them released on PC. If someone was interested in playing Monster Hunter they would first have to overcome the console barrier. You could always go with the mobile game, but if you were serious about the “authentic experience” you’d have to spend money investing in a console, any of which would play the game at a much lower visual fidelity than you’d come to expect from your PC.

A little over a year ago Phoenix Labs presented a solution to that issue. They would create a Monster Hunter style game that could be played on PC, finally allowing players interested in action RPGs a look into one of the best games in the genre. It would also provide an opportunity to anyone interested in sharing their passion with their friends without a financial barrier to entry – the game would be free to play.

Today, Capcom, the original creators of Monster Hunter, announced Monster Hunter Worlds. Giving fans something they’ve spent over a decade clamoring for, and in the YouTube comments the faction of Dauntless followers that only saw Dauntless as a substitute good made their intentions known. For all they cared Dauntless no longer needed to exist; the game’s raison d’être, as far as they were concerned, had been filled by the announcement of a “true” Monster Hunter game, and they no longer required Dauntless to satiate their MH cravings.

I want to know how big that sector is. How many of you were anxious for Dauntless simply because you couldn’t get Monster Hunter on PC? And taking Monster Hunter Worlds’ announcement into consideration, do you still have plans to download Dauntless when it releases? If not, what could it do to ensure that you would download it and give it a try? 

In antithesis, what could Capcom do wrong that would make you consider asking Steam for a refund and downloading Dauntless instead? 


3 thoughts on “Monster Hunter World ≠ Dauntless

  1. I was interested in Dauntless for being similar to Monster Hunter. I tried playing MH on PSP but the controls were too awkward for me. I even tried out games like Vindictus and Dragons Nest because they looked kinda similar to MH. After the announcement of the MH on PC game I kinda forgot about Dauntless. I’ll probably wait awhile and see what other’s reactions are to both games before I try either out.


    1. I found Vindictus bland, but MH looks like it has much more depth to it.

      At this point I’ve played and been disappointed by so many free-to-play games that its kind of a turn off at this point. If it turned out to have a system more along the lines of Warframe I might be interested.


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