As YouTube’s Biggest Ad-Buyers Jump Ship, Who Loses the Most?

Customary TLDR is at the bottom, along with questions to spark the discussion. Please, feel free to comment below.  Birth of the Ad-Pocalypse Almost a year has passed since the hit piece on PieDiePie by Rolfe Winkler, Jack Nicas, and Ben Fritz was written on behalf of The Wallstreet Journal; and creators are still here weighing a bigger […]

On My Radar – Week 3

Dead Cells I was six, and with my purple GameBoy Color in hand and “Elmoe in Grouch land” as my guide, I began my intrepid journey into the world of video games. Years later, with the GameBoy put away, my love for quasi-2D side scrollers had stuck for good. So with the announcement of Dead […]