On My Radar – Week 2

In an attempt to give this blog a little more personality I’m going to share the games on my wishlist more often – even if they’re not early access or yet to be released. So, here’s On My Radar, Week 2:

Mr. Shifty

I’m a little behind on this one, entering beta last month Mr. Shifty was recorded and played by a variety of popular YouTubers, but it wasn’t until today that it came across my screen.

I was initially terrified by the gameplay – I know my limitations, and fast paced twitch-response games are beyond those limits – but the game’s controls are so intuitive that that’s not something you need to worry about. The game provides a momentum and inertia to the button presses and combat actions that your movements acquire a flow. Upon starting a round you’d swear the obstacles you see are impossible to traverse, but a few tries later the impossible has been conquered.

Another standout of tinyBuild Games‘ creation is that every hit comes with a sense of impact. Whether it’s through sound design mixed with aforementioned game mechanics, it feels as if every punch you land is a real one, giving the game weight and substance you rarely get from an Indie game.  The music also does an excellent job of getting you into the rhythm of things.

Mr. Shifty - Eliminate Threats

Today I found out about a game that came out in 2015 called Evoland 2 (developed by Shiro Games). And I can’t believe I hadn’t come across it before.

Maybe because at the time I was primarily a console player, but Evoland 2 is an extremely refreshing change from your classic RPG. It’s irreverent, in the fact that it makes fun of the most annoying RPG tropes; straddles the fourth wall, with one of the characters saying “I can’t open this chest, I guess the developer forgot to…” within the first hour, and innovative in its time travel implementation.

What makes this game so interesting, and unlike any RPG I’ve ever seen, is that as the characters travel through time the game’s graphics change. When the characters are thrown into the past the graphics degrade, sometimes with the characters commenting that they feel less detailed, and as they travel into the future the graphics improve. The game is sometimes a 2D sides roller, sometimes

I’ve only known about it for less than a day, but it’s already at the top of my Steam Wishlist. If and when I get my hands on it, I will be sure to share my impressions.

Evoland 2 - Metal Gear



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