On My Radar

This week’s OMR:

  • Hive Jump
    • A game I’m more than slightly behind on is a “retro” shoot-em-up. It’s an end of the day, let off some steam, unload your stress and your ammo into some alien adversaries type game.
  • Oxygen Not Included
    • Became addicted to this one early last week. To the point that I’m following multiple YouTubers as they play through they game.
    • It’s a colony care game by the makers of Don’t Starve; people are calling it a mix between that and Rimworld (Neither games I’ve played, so I can’t confirm or deny these claims.)
  • Hollow Knight Releases February 24th
    • A dark, hand-drawn 2D platformer. RPG elements allow you to pick how you evolve as you level up and equip charms that add special attributes.  I have my fingers crossed on getting a copy of this one before release, but most signs are pointing to no. If for some chance I do, I will definitely be posting video gameplay. 

Hollow Knight is made by Team Cherry
ONI is made by Klei
Hive Jump is made by Graphite Lab


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