The Silent Assassination of Scalebound

I know I’m a little behind, but I was awaiting director Hideki Kamiya’s response before posting anything. 

I wanted to know the community’s opinion on Microsoft reaching out to a few game news sites with a blanket statement reporting that Scalebound, one of their most prominent Xbox exclusives, and one of the few IPs (intellectual properties) Xbox has created in the last few years was being canceled. But they were continuing work on Halo Wars 2 and Crackdown, with an added link to the rest of their 2017 line up. I understand corporate deals, and I understand them refusing to respond to a reporter’s question on who owns the IP. But with thousands of people expecting this game, some even expecting it to be one of the few games they’d buy on the console, I think Microsoft owed it’s customers an explanation.

If a bridge was burned and something didn’t work out, they could have diplomatically said they had different views on the direction of the game. But with ~2 and a half years of hype built up around a project, I feel the people deserved an answer rather than having to turn to the director of the game and the CEO of the company. Both who regretted the cancellation, only adding to the assumption that whatever happened was Microsoft’s decision.

If you decide to divorce your wife, she shouldn’t have to be the one to explain to your children why she’s leaving. 

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