Star Tourist

I have a visceral, voyeuristic love for Star Citizen. I was never a fan of Star Wars, Star Trek, or any other “thrilling” space conglomerates. But when I saw Star Citizen, I immediately understood what a space opera was supposed to be. I have yet to walk on a single planet, push a thruster or fly through the vacuum of space at the speed of light, but Star Citizen has a seat at the table with some of my favorite games.

It might have to be a gross fascination with a game that’s raised $30+ million before leaving alpha, or the fact that people pay thousands of dollars for in-game space ships, but a game that has raised that amount of money before even hinting at a release YEAR deserves my attention.

This week they announced Star Marine, their first implementation of first person shooting in the game, and I have a feeling this is only the beginning.

First time with a gun in your hands, what do you think of Star Citizen’s new Star Marine? Do you think the players are bullet sponges (time to kill is too long)?

This is update 2.6; still in alpha. There probably won’t be continuous coverage on the contents of this game until I decide to purchase a game pack, although I may occasionally comment on their marketing strategies. 

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